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Advice On Whether Or Not To Get Into The Witcher Franchise

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The Witcher franchise is one of those series I’ve wanted to get into, but I keep feeling that it isn’t just for me. I’m wanting to give another chance, but I want some clarifications before I spend money on the games and stories.


I’ve only ever played an hour or two of the first video game years ago and it just didn’t work for me. The biggest problem was that the character of Geralt didn’t appeal to me at all. His voice was both wooden and generic for me, like he was trying way too hard to be rough and grizzly and his overall design just didn’t work. I usually find it hard to get interested in those characters with exceptions like Guts and John Marston.

Plus, the setting just looked generic and nothing really stood out.

  1. Is the character of Geralt better in the books then the game version and/or does the Geralt voice acting and personality improve in the games because of if it’s bad as I can remember, I don’t think I can go through them. Alternatively, do any of the books follow someone other than Geralt, someone more like this, this, or this (Ladyhawke > Femshep).
  2. Are the books better than the game in showing diversity because from what I understand, the games do a really bad job representing people? It seems to be under the fallacy that Europe was only white in the Middle Ages despite really being very diverse in reality and given its a fictional world with mermaids and dwarves, you can’t use the pathetic “It’s more realistic” argument (On a side note, fantasy writers, just let East Asians be in your works, It’s not that hard).
  3. Something that I found odd during the release of the third game was how oddly immature the gaming sites treated sex in the game. Sites like gamespot and Kotaku acted like they were 13 year old who discovered porn for the first time and just had article after article about how hot saucy and hot they were. I’m not against sex, but I want to know if there is more to it than that? I like Dragon Age Inquisition because it didn’t treat romance as a reward system and used romance and sex as a way to explore the characters. On the other hand, I’m just not seeing that with the Witcher which seems to have a very immature way of treating the subject. Plus, the fact there is no bi or gay options has already made me disappointed.
  4. What is the best format for the games? I don’t have a gaming PC and the PC I do have isn’t very good for gaming as it can only play Skyrim on low settings. I do have an Xbox 360 and a PS4 however.
  5. Is there a good audio book version of the stories and if not, what written version is best in the UK.

If I have come across as harsh to the franchise, that wasn’t what I was trying to do. Like I said, I do want to give this franchise a chance, but I don’t want to spend money on something I might not enjoy.

Thanks for your help guys (:

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