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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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After 12 Seasons, Supernatural's Still Got it

Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets is the latest episode of the long running CW series Supernatural. And damn, it plucks all the right heartstrings.

In what has been a bit uneven 12th (!) season of this incredibly uneven show (I’m looking at you, Leviathans) Supernatural nailed it in their most recent episode. The ep had everything: a compelling antagonist, betrayal, slight modification of the magical rules... but what really made it work was the work of this lady:

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Alicia Witt, who played the titular Lily Sunder, absolutely killed it. The writing was on point, the Dean/Castiel angst was intriguing as always, and I liked how the show dealt with the fallout of Castiel performing his signature backstab on poor Billie, who was just doing her damn job. But her portrayal of a widowed mother who spent her life trying to kill the angels that wrongly killed her family was just badass. Of course, the episode climaxed with yet another Castiel backstab. This is starting to become his thing...

Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets is not a perfect episode, but it reminds those of us who have been slogging through worthless filler eps why we love this show. Sam and Dean are ever the mediators between the supernatural and the mundane. Their goal is not to harm Lily, even though they know she’s taking out angels left and right, but to redeem her. The ultimate justification of her revenge quest is made clear in the end, and the audience winds up cheering for her victory.


If they could just come up with a satisfying arc to this Men of Letters business, I would be a happy viewer.

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