Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

After all, aren't we all villains?

This doesn't happen overnight. I didn't choose this, it merely happened, slowly, in small changes.

It started with a freak hair styling accident in high school. I had wanted red highlights in my dark brown hair, and my friends said they could do it. Lies! Oh, I did get beautiful red highlights for a week. but then the red drained away and I was left with weird orangish streaks. Apparently, with hair as dark as mine, you can't just kinda bleach it. Thankfully the orange bits grew fainter, and over time those portions of my hair became somewhat golden.


This miniscule event should have been a footnote in history, a memory of the folly of youth, but I was betrayed by none other than my own sister.

We had not been close, never allies, but we were by no means enemies until the day she coined a new moniker for me. She gave me the alias Goldenhair. The idea stemmed from a fondness for James Bond, and his plethora of villains. Thus, I was set at odds with my sibling.

It was a trivial thing, one I could have gotten over, but she never let it be. She always meddled, constantly tattling, looking for weak point in my schemes. She developed into quite the worthy opponent. Likewise, I grew to be the Arch Nemesis, rivaled by none other.

A handy title, isn't? Archnemesis Goldenhair. Not a name easily forgotten.

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