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Afternoon Open Thread- Celebrity Encounters

Here we find the elusive Manusaurus Rex (aka Manu Bennett) touring Dinosaur National Monument in Southern Utah...

Manu was one of a few celebrities I got to meet last week at Salt Lake Comic Con. He was extremely nice, and is actually still in Utah, touring the southern part of the state and the Ute Indian Reservation.


I also got to meet Chris Gorham, star of Covert Affairs, Once Upon a Time, and Harper’s Island, and briefly spoke with Robbie Amell (The Flash). Last year, we got to meet Lou Ferrigno (kind of a jerk), Efren Ramirez (incredibly nice!) and Grant Imahara (also extremely nice). I also got to speak with Jon Heder and Stephen Amell at their panels.

So, talk about what you want, but have you had any near-misses with fame?

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