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Agent Carter S2E1 Megathread: Lady of the Lakers Edition

REVIEWS ARE UP! I know, I know . . . the puns are bad, and they’re just not getting any better. While I wait patiently for security to come remove my communications devices, use this thread to banter, barter, baffle, bemuse, bemoan, berate, bequeath, or otherwise react to Agent Carter’s triumphant return tonight!

Kevin Garcia knows not to let a good clown down in:


Breezy is chillin’ with that laid-back West Coast vibe:

As always, please note that this is the SPOILER-FREE thread. If, like me, you prefer lovely, delicious spoilers to be available at all times, please join us in the Spoilerific Reaction Thread:


Got reviews, rants, and reactions? Give me the link and I’ll get ‘em added!

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