REVIEWS ARE IN! ‚ÄúBetter Angels‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒSpeaking as a Federalist nerd, Madison would be so proud. Perhaps we‚Äôll finally have the focused, in-depth analysis of the American political system we have so despera‚ÄĒHmm? Oh. Oops. Sorry.

As I wasn‚Äôt saying, tonight shall be focused on doing my laundry and watching Agent Carter (‚Äėcause not every girl has Anna Jarvis watching out for her‚ÄĒalthough I‚Äôm not certain that Anna Jarvis *is* watching out for her).

Post your comments, recaps, or speculations here, but spoilers should be reserved for the Spoilerific Reacition Thread, please. . .

Breezy is Off Like A Dirty Shirt (or should I have gone with Sittin’ Pretty? Gawd, too many choices) in Code Pink:


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In the meantime, Federalist 23 or GTFO! Gonna be a pol sci THROWDOWN up in heah!

*is quietly removed from the internet*