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Agent Carter S2E3 Megathread: Better Angels

REVIEWS ARE IN! “Better Angels”—Speaking as a Federalist nerd, Madison would be so proud. Perhaps we’ll finally have the focused, in-depth analysis of the American political system we have so despera—Hmm? Oh. Oops. Sorry.

As I wasn’t saying, tonight shall be focused on doing my laundry and watching Agent Carter (‘cause not every girl has Anna Jarvis watching out for her—although I’m not certain that Anna Jarvis *is* watching out for her).


Post your comments, recaps, or speculations here, but spoilers should be reserved for the Spoilerific Reacition Thread, please. . .

Breezy is Off Like A Dirty Shirt (or should I have gone with Sittin’ Pretty? Gawd, too many choices) in Code Pink:

Or catch up on our real-time reactions in THE SPOILERIFIC REACTION THREAD!


In the meantime, Federalist 23 or GTFO! Gonna be a pol sci THROWDOWN up in heah!

*is quietly removed from the internet*

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