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So after I read the original post by Remedios Varo about how Agent Carter got ordered straight to series I was so fucking excited. I mean I sort of expected after all of DC's TV shows got ordered to series by various networks, dared Marvel to make it official even without a pilot. But then I read the press release at the Hollywood Reporter and dug up some articles on the news by Hitfix and IGN and they all say the same thing.


That Agent Carter will most likely be a short order series that is going to air between the first half of Agents of Shield in the Fall and second half in the Spring. Now I know its early since the upfronts haven't happened yet where ABC will unveil its 2014-15 schedule, but I just want to say fuck this idea.

The short order season I get. Maybe Hayley Atwell only wants to do 13-16 episode seasons and would like to do other things than commit to TV full time. Thats understandable. What isn't understandable is why they would put a first season of a show in a period where almost no one watches TV. Agent Carter deserves her own timeslot in the fall or spring not in between. She should not serve to prop up Agents of SHIELD, the show should be allowed to tell the story of Peggy Carter founding Shield without having to worry about the bridging the middle of AoS.

Now ABC can do this presumably because like this past season they plan to take a long winter hiatus so they can try to air episodes of their shows without interruption in the fall and spring in 12-13 episode blocks. Thats cool, and a great plan, but do not do Agent Carter the FIRST female driven property in the MCU the disservice of sticking it in a timeslot where you know there are not going to be that many viewers. There are so many barriers to launching a successful TV show, don't hobble it with more of a challenge to get viewers when it launches. Granted they wanted to do this with Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and didn't BUT I want it known that I say fuck this idea hard.

Anyway, with that rant over. I just wanted to say how funny it is that most people blowing up my twitter more were more excited about Agent Carter the TV show than a season 2 of AoS. Gotta say I agree with them. I am much more invested in Peggy Carter as a character from two movies and a short film than I am in the twenty or so hours I have spent with Coulson and his group of sometimes competent agents.

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