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Agents of SHIELD

Haven't really seen much discussion about last night's episode. Spoilers inside.

Can I just say I still don't like Ward? He was still dismissive of Fitz even after Fitz revealed he got them out of the bad situation with the thugs.

Also what do we think the redacted file really said about Skye? Did a SHIELD agent kill her parents and rescue the child? Who do we think the SHIELD agent was? I'm thinking Veronica or whatever the evil lady's name was was the SHIELD agent. It has to be an important SHIELD agent for everything to be super redacted. It has to be a big deal as well.


Also why doesn't Skye ask Coulson to see the file? I mean her personality is such that I find it really hard to believe she'd just trust Coulson to tell her what was on the file.

And then there's Coulson who tried to access a file about himself that he wasn't authorized to access. Maybe he can trade favors with Skye and she can access his file.

Also it was neat that we learned the bus is capable of VTOL (Vertical Take off and Landing). I'm going to poke a hole in the previous plot now... if the plane is capable of VTOL don't tell me they don't have a boat on board that they couldn't have dropped out of the cargo hold to take care of Jemma's problem last week.

Anyhow back to this week's episode. Fitz acquitted himself well in the field. I was laughing quite hard at the whole sandwich thing.


And I'll conclude my very random ramblings by returning to last week's discussion about underlying plot lines that span multiple episodes. Skye's parents and Coulson's time at Tahiti were both advanced this week. Sadly those aren't riveting plot lines that make me want to tune in next week. We need the super soldiers story to come back to the fore.

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