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I just got the first SHIELD comic based off of the TV show and I've got to say it starts fantastic (like the opposite of the show).

It's New Year's Day and I'm drunk so this isn't a review, I just want to state how stoked I am and express some incomplete thoughts.


First issue is stuffed full of A level supes and it clearly shows how Coulson is valuable to them. He knows their stats intuitively and in an offhand comment explains that Quicksilver can kill Hulk.

Coulson' steam is Fitz, Simmons, and May. Everyone feels like they do in the show, but in the shield combat jumpsuit Simmons looks too much like Black Widow (I have complex feelings about seeing Simmon's butt in this outfit. It's like seeing a cousin naked or something).

The comic is action packed and pretty clever. I think of it like a fantasy of what the show could be if each episode had infinity budget. The next issue apparently has Ms. Marvel (the first image is the cover of the next issue), so I'm now completely on board.

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