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Agents of SHIELD End of the Beginning

HOLY SHIT GUISE. I think I'm back on the Shield bandwagon. This was such a strong episode. SPOILER SPOILERS. Also do not spoil Captain America: Winter Soldier in the comments please.

So Victoria Hand works for the Clairvoyant now or maybe someone else? Quick and dirty recap. Shield is tracking the Clairvoyant and believe they are close to discovering who the guy is because Deathlok made an appearance. They narrow down number of suspects to those that have been rejected from the Index of superpowered people. After a scuffle with Deathlok they manage to track him to the Clairvoyant who conveniently surrenders. After bad guy monologuing a bit Ward snaps and shoots him.


Afterwards Coulson realizes it was too easy, this guy wasn't the Clairvoyant. Skye wasn't annoying and discovered a lot of the information the Clairvoyant knows can all be found in SHIELD files, the only reason he didn't know about how Coulson came back to life is because Fury kept that from Shield. Fitz now conveniently finds out about May's secret line tells Skye and they all assume she is working for the Clairvoyant, suddenly the plane turns around heads back to the hub where Simmons is at with Victoria Hand ordering the entire team dead except Coulson.

Most of this stuff worked, the only thing that still needs some tuning is the conversations these characters have with each other. Coulson's speech to Skye that no one thinks like her was so cheesey.

Reminder I, and several people on the Odeck, haven't seen Cap 2 so do not spoil it in the comments even if it sheds light on this episode's ending. Some interesting tidbits:

  • So who is the group that wants Skye and Coulson? Could it be AIM, Hydra, or the Kree themselves coming back?
  • Department H got a throwaway line! For those that don't know Department H is the Canadian program that monitors superpowered individuals for Canada and has their own team called Alpha Flight. Wolverine has been in Alpha Flight but I assume Marvel only has the rights to Alpha Flight sans Wolverine.
  • My guess is that May works for Fury, and Fury somehow saw what is coming in Captain America Winter Soldier. Also Agent Sitwell got called back to the Triskelion which we know plays a huge part in Winter Soldier.
  • Deathlok looks so sick! Here is screencap:

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