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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Agents of SHIELD Season 2! Shadows Megapost!(Spoilers)

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So Agents of SHIELD premiered in a fast paced, slightly disjointed episode. I enjoyed it, but it felt like they were trying to do too much and at the same time it felt like very little happened.


It was awesome seeing Agent Carter and the Howling Commandos at the start, though it would have been nicer to see more of them. Speaking of seeing more, so much for adding Lucy Lawless to the cast.

I liked the addition of Absorbing Man, and the previews seem to suggest he will be around for a while. I'm hoping for a Deathlok vs Absorbing Man fight at some point. The stuff with Ward and Fitz was pretty dark. The fact that they just let Fitz wander around the base talking to himself is messed up. And Simmons leaving him doesn't really seem to fit with the character, so hopefully there is more there.


The fast pace of the episode made it hard to get a feel for the new additions, so I'm holding out judgement but I'm optimistic. I enjoyed the episode and look forward to seeing more of the artifact and the new old Nazi/Hydra guy and what he has going on.

I also love that they took Talbot's pants for no reason before they left him in his car.

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