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Skye has morphed from an insufferable literal (self aware?) Mary Sue and into Daisy Johnson, one of the most powerful SHIELD agents ever and finishing her transformation into a complete bad ass. I think most of us SHIELD watchers feel this was a well earned character progression.

If you are not a comic reader, Daisy Johnson is the daughter of Mr. Hyde (like she is in the show) but picked up as a teenager by SHIELD and raised under Nick Fury’s wing. By the time she was 19, she was a level 10 SHIELD agent. For the record, the first episode of Agents of SHIELD has Agent Ward graduating to level 7. The show seems to follow the same vein, with Director Coulson mentoring Daisy and personally setting her up for a leadership role. Daisy is extremely powerful, so much so it limits how much she can use her super powers. She can level a city with an earthquake or explode a punk’s heart from across the room. The TV show seemed to expand her abilities, restarting peoples’ hearts like a defibrillator or deflecting bullets from the air. Maybe more important are her leadership abilities, as she ran the Secret Warriors and was director of SHIELD for a time as well. In this post I want to look at Daisy’s possible field of candidates (or “Caterpillars”), as we know them so far.



Lincoln is already confirmed for the show next season but he seems like an easy choice. He grew up being Inhuman so he knows that side life, and he seems like a love interest for Daisy. His electricity power seems mostly offensive but we don’t quite know how powerful it is yet. We do know he can harmlessly levitate people if he wants to. There are plenty of folks with “SHOOTS LIGHTNING BOLTS” powers but I don’t think Lincoln is an established character, please correct me if I’m wrong.



Carl “Crusher” Creel (AKA Absorbing Man) is the father of one of Daisy’s original Secret Warriors, Stone Wall. Stone Wall might be out, but Creel seems ready for atonement, having last been seen turning to stone by the Diviner. The Diviner won’t keep Creel dead forever because he has a (magic potion induced) power to become different elements. Absorbing Man isn’t that bad a guy, but he is a real dumb ass. He is Hulk level powerful but gets defeated every time because he is easily fooled into changing into some dumb material that is easily smashed. He could be an insane heavy hitter if Daisy can keep him on track. Creel is as tough as any Avenger but needs someone to steer him. Oh, I guess we also saw Creel fought Daredevil’s dad in a boxing match at some point so maybe we can’t trust how old he looks, maybe Stone Wall could be an adult son.



Donnie (AKA Blizzard) is kind of more important in the team for his intellect rather than his impressive water freezing powers. Like Fitz and Simmons, Gill is a world class inventor that would be valuable to Daisy’s team (if he can get over her assassinating him). Donnie has already crossed over the dark side, he really wants to be left alone and he is perfectly willing to kill SHIELD or Hydra agents to stay that way. He could be the egghead Wolverine of the Secret Warriors.



Mike Peterson (AKA Deathlok) was a good dad with a bad back. He took Extremus as well as gamma radiation and Chitauri metal implants in order to try to copy Captain Americas formula and keep his job at a factory. The cocktail was voletile but SHIELD was able to neutralize it and save Peterson. Peterson still had super strength and SHIELD was starting to train him to be an agent, but an explosion killed him. Then Hydra rebuilt him. Deathlok is a super deadly killer probably on par with Winter Soldier, all modifications accounted for. Daisy could certainly use a man like Peterson if she’s willing to get her hands dirty.



God of Asgard, future wife of Thor, Sif would be the biggest “get” for Daisy’s team of Secret Warriors. It seems hard to get the Asgardians interested in one thing for very long, but if Daisy could convince her to stay Sif would be as strong as the toughest Avengers, and wouldn’t need the type of hand holding as Crusher “Don’t look up with your mouth open in a thunderstorm or you will drown” Creel. Sif has kicked ass and chewed bubble gum for hundreds of human lifespans. I know Jaimie Alexander has her own show now so this might not be possible to have her on both shows but this would be so badass to have her as a regular on SHIELD.

If this entire lineup was on the Secret Warriors, they could fight they Avengers to a standstill.


These are the guys off the top of my head, but add your ideas in the comments. Daisy Johnson’s Secret Warriors were kind of third stringer losers in the comics. Creel’s kid, Doctor Druid’s fucking kid, some Ghost Rider wannabe with a fleshy face. Let me know who else should be a Secret Warrior.

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