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Agents of Shield Tahiti


So this was a massive improvement, man what a good episode. Bill Paxton definitely brought some new energy to the ensemble. Although I still don't buy the over emotional attachment to Skye, everyone was acting awesome. My only question if the Guest House/ Tahiti wasn't a SHIELD base, whose base is it? Is it an offbooks research facility run by Fury?


Now lets talk about the big reveal, that blue guy is Kree right? And it might mean that if his blodily fluids worked so fast on Skye, that maybe she is Kree. I guess if they decide to make her Kree, that would actually make her interesting. I loved Phil's horrified reaction to seeing the blue dude, you'd think after being dead and subjected to inhumane experiments he'd be ok. Here are some screen caps:

Notice the markings on the chest and arms.

Overall great stuff, so excited to see Lorelei and Sif duke it out next week. Also did anyone catch the references to 616 the prime comics universe and the Triskelion.


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