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Agents of SHIELD "Turn Turn Turn" [SPOILERS]

The "Uprising" event continues as our ragtag group of Shield agents deal with the fallout from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. SPOILERS for the Captain America 2 and the show.

That was probably the best episode of the season. My only complaint was there was way too much scene chewing and a little more bad guy monologuing but in grand scheme of things those don't really matter. With the plane headed back to the Hub, we get the truth that May has been reporting to Director Fury all this time, and that she was the one who put the team together for Coulson. I actually found this revelation touching because we have only really seen the hard as nails May, and it explains alot of her emotional interactions with the crew.


Once at the Hub we get all kinds of reveals: Garrett is Hydra (name drops Sitwell) and the Clairvoyant, and Hand is merely a shield hardass. I knew Hand wasn't Hydra she just wants to get shit done.

It becomes common knowledge that Fury is dead and in the final moments the episode shows footage of the Helicarriers falling. With that Hand states that a large part of Shield bases have been taken over by Hydra and she gives the Hub to Couslon. The final twist which I can't tell if its intended or not is on the way to the Fridge to jail Garrett, Ward turns on Hand possibly kills her, and frees Garrett. I will be so disappointed if Hand is really dead, but it seems likely since Garrett was on his way to the Fridge which apparently is one of the few places Hydra didn't have access too. So now the villains for the rest of the season seem clear Garret, Ward and Hydra versus Coulson and his team. All I know is that I totally want Coulson to eventually become Director.

Also a final shot of the Shield logo all hydrafied.

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