Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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[SPOILERS] Still reeling from the aftermath of CA: TWS and the previous episodes Agents of Shield comes back with Amy Acker guest starring as the cellist Coulson was dating at the time of his death. Did this episode continue the momentum it has gained in previous eps?

Hell yes it did and more. First I want to say how lovely are Elizabeth Henstridge's eyebrows are. It is pure eyebrow porn. My only question is how the hell does Simmons find the time to have them made up so beautifully?

Illustration for article titled Agents of SHIELD- WHATS IN THE BOX?

Anyways back to the plot of this weeks Agents of Nothing Shield, Ward is in the secret secure base trying to get Skye to decrypt the hard drive that Hydra wants. And now that the inmates at the fridge have been released Coulson decides to send a team to protect his former love from Blackout, one of the inmates he put there.

This was your standard episode that had half the team go after Blackout a guy who can absorb all forms of energy, it was uneventful, they managed to take him out and save Amy Acker. She was fine in this ep, but I kept expecting her to take out two pistols and start shooting at an alarmingly accurate rate. She alas didn't find out about Coulson being alive, which I don't know how she wouldn't if all of Shield's secrets are on the internet. The best bits of the episode were the character interactions and the stuff that was happening back at the base where Skye, Patton Owsalt, Ward, and May were lounging around.

After being denied a spot on the team to protect the cellist and getting chewed out by Coulson (take a tip from another Disney property Phil and LET IT GO) May decides she has had enough of Phil's shit and leaves the base. Walking in the Canadian snow, because she is BAMF like that. I really don't blame her for leaving, even though by the end of the episode Phil wants to repair some the damage in their relationship, its too late May is gone looking for Maria fucking Hill. Given a tip as to her whereabouts from her own mother who is also a spy of some agency. YASSSS to this development. Maria and May can form their own crime fighting duo of competence porn.


Back at the base, Ward kills Patton Oswalt because of some NSA feeds he is about to see might reveal him for the traitor that he is. Unfortunately for him, after revealing some personal stuff to Skye, probably a lie too, he leaves her alone to clean the blood off his latest victim. Pro tip Ward, if you are going to kill a guy do it cleanly, strangulation with you arms works just as good as a garrott. This gives time for Skye to find the dead body, and freak the fuck out. But then she did something that I never thought possible. She put two and two together and figured out Ward is Hydra. GOOD JOB SKYE! Stop being annoying and maybe just maybe I might like you more.

The episode ends with Skye having to go with Ward on the bus knowing he wants the drive and that she is literally fucked. I think she left a message for Coulson, in the time before Ward found her again. Hopefully she continues her streak and kicks Ward's ass. Wow I can't believe I am rooting for Skye.


Assorted observations:

  • WHATS IN THE BOX? I loved this question, I wish someone would have answered Pepper Pott's head.
  • Skye's real name is Mary Sue Poots. The writers are fucking with us.
  • May was MARRIED? Was she married to Coulson? Or someone else? Who is good enough to be her husband?
  • Tripp is the grandchild of a Howling Commando, I approve of this development.
  • I don't ship Fitz-Simmons. I find them adorable but in a BFFs way. Though I am sad to see Fitz pout.
  • Coulson was extra snarky tonight, "Nothing good ever comes from something called DarkForce"
  • We got a bunch of MCU name drops, Banner's gamma ray tech, Steve Rogers suiting up, a lie detector that even Natasha couldn't beat.

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