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Agents of SHIELD: Who should be the next guest star?

Having guest stars like Jamie Alexander as Sif and cameos from Samuel L Jackson and Cobie Smulders got me to thinking: who would I want to see from the existing Marvel TV and cinema universe either full-on guest star or at least cameo?

In regards to cameos, pretty much anybody is possible thanks to Sammy L upping the ante there with that post-credits scene in the 2nd episode.


As such, I'm going to stick with realistic expectations for a full guest star, based on star-status, licensing (who owns which parts of the franchise) and assumed show budget. We've seen they'll go in for a Jamie Alexander, so who else could be possible?

My thoughts are as follows, but I'd love to hear from the rest or you, so post your choices in the comments (photo or vid clip would be welcome)

1) The obvious choice for me, right away, is Chu- ... I mean Zack Levi. I loved what little we got of him as Fandral in Thor: The Dark World. Plus he's a veteran TV actor now, so it makes sense. Add to that the constant references to Asgard on the show itself, and the recent Sif/Lorelei story line, and there you go. Actually, the Warriors Three would be an overall home run if they had all of them in one episode.


2) The Falcon: we're getting Anthony Mackie as The Falcon in The Winter Soldier, so I can see him becoming a regular in the Marvel Universe in regards to all things SHIELD.


3) Erik Selvig would be a great non-superpowered guest star. He's been in several films now, and is quirky and entertaining to watch, thanks to Stellan Skarsgård's portrayal of him. Actually, add Kat Dennings in there as well as Darcy Lewis.


I'm sure there are others, but again, I am shying away from the big stars from the films, trying to keep it realistic (though I'd love to see Coulson have to face Loki again in some fashion...)


UPDATE: OK, this was NOT the guest star I expected! LOL!


Yep, Patton Oswalt


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