Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Agents of Shield "Yes Men"

Did having Sif show up help or hurt Shield? Spoilers.

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This episode was a great continuation of the momentum they built on with Bill Paxton guest starring last week. Sif was really great to have kicking ass and talking all old timey, my only complaint is that her outfit really does not work on the tv show, especially when she is surrounded by everything that looks so present day.

Basic plot was Lorelei escaped Asgard during the Dark Elves attack and now is on Earth to build an empire. I really dug her fight scenes with Sif, and the way the team pulled together to take her down on the plane. I really did laugh our loud that everyone seems to be using Loki's secret pathways which means they aren't that secret. I still don't buy the May Ward sex thing but whatever at this point I don't really care much about the characters besides Coulson and Fitz-Simmons. We end the episode with Phil wanting to go rogue to get answers, which start with getting Quinn. Which to me that doesn't make a lot of sense but ok. Oh and how could I forget that May is now a spy of some kind, maybe she works directly for Fury? Overall I think having more connections to the MCU hides some of the flaws the show still has. Here are the hints to the Marvel Universe, specifically Cap 2 and GOTG.

  • Immediately following the blue guy reveal, Coulson has been taking personal time trying to talk to Fury, problem is Fury is off the grid. Also in the same conversation Director Fury is called a high level agent which suggests he isn't really in charge of Shield anymore.
  • Sif knew Coulson was dead and immediately wants to tell Thor he is alive again. Coulson side steps this by saying he wants to tell Thor in person, the question is will Sif keep her promise.
  • After Sif slightly implies touchscreens are antiquated systems, continuing the the idea that Asgard is just science we don't understand, Coulson smartly asks Sif about the blue aliens of the various realms. Here is the list word for word: Mentadites, Levians, Fairgots, KREE, Saks, Centurions, and Frost Giants. The bolded ones are actual Marvel aliens I know of. That blue guy has to be Kree.
  • Though out the episode we see all Asgardians are just really freaking strong. So I really think this could have been the episode to introduce the Asgardians instead of the false Thor 2 tie in.
  • Odin is till giving out orders which means no one knows Loki is still impersonating the All Father. Also we got confirmation that Sif really has a thing for Thor. I don't think she should be all that heartbroken, Asgardians live for thousands of years all she has to do is wait for Jane Foster to kick the bucket.

If anyone can clear up the spelling of the aliens Sif mentioned do so, I don't think I got the names completely right.

Here is the promo for the Marvel special next week where you see at the very end more Dethlok goodness.

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