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AGW 101: “Climate change” and “global warming”

There's a few semi-frequent commentators on the Gawker network who are fantastic reminders that the Information Age has failed and that people are going to continue to be willfully dumb* in spite of having access to more facts than any other time in history. Yesterday, one of them left a comment (which, thankfully, is greyed out) which contained this large order of word salad:
The whole reason that the warmingscam people changed to "Climate Change" was to gain a newspeak redefinition that confuses the non-science people since everyone accepts Earth has no stable climate and Earth's climate changes radically. By tieing Warmism backward into climate change, they used a classic sophist word trick- redefine your losing argument by renaming it into something less definable . It is a sophist bonus point if like 'climate change' ,you can redefine to something no one argues against and thus use the sophist transitive property to make a falsity "true" by changing the name.

It seems like the commentator is promoting science by making a hypothesis: conversations about anthropogenic global warming started using "global warming" less and "climate change" more, apparently as a word trick.

This word salad, of course, ignores the facts:
1) global warming is a form of climate change; the latter is a climatic trend, the former is the directionality of it
2) scientists have been using both terms, accurately, for basically forever

But whatever. I was wondering if there was a quick way to determine if this hypothesis could be correct. This article reminded me of the existence of Google Ngram, and Ngram gives us this result:


So unless the commentator is claiming that the "warmingscam people" started using "climate change" preferably in 1994, the hypothesis is refuted: climate change and global warming have both been used in books at essentially the same rates for the past two decades.

Bonus Google Ngram chart related to the claim that "they used to say that global cooling was going to happen":


Bonus Google Ngram chart exploring the usage of anthropogenic climate change and global warming and natural climate change and global warming in books published in English:


"Anthropogenic climate change" been used more often then "anthropogenic global warming" or "man-made global warming" since 1990. That's when the warmingscam people made the change in terminology! Those dastards!

*Of course there is the possibility that said commentators are not willfully dumb but are merely playing the part of dumb in order to troll. Based on what kinds of things I have read online about climate (including the claim that carbon dioxide isn't a greenhouse gas [!!!]), I don't think this is true.

Edited to add: Skeptical Science did a probably better post about this (also using a google book search) then I did which I did not notice until after I had written the post. FML

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