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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

AGW 101: "Might" is a dirty word

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Yesterday there was an article on the mainpage about global warming. One of the io9 commentators who is hilarious has commented on it. 27 times.


Only in the Climate/Warmingscam do science journals publish papers that have the word "might" in the title

This seems like a pretty easily testable statement with the power of the internets.

Dear Google Scholar: find me articles with all of the words "might" and with the exact phrase "climate change" in the title of the article. About 37 results? This is terrible! What about "global warming"? 14 results! What about "evolution"? 59 results? What about "psychology"? 43 results? What about "water"? 50 results?

"Might"is just not seen as a standard of research outside warming. Go read Nature and Science and look at the quality difference yourself.

He or she is right. Besides global warming, climate change, evolution, psychology, and water, I'm sure there are no other science articles published with the word "might" in the title.
Except "chemistry". That's got 13 results.

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