Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Alan Moore Adds Voice to Cosmic Trigger Dramatification


Daisy Eris Campbell, the daughter of Illuminatus! playwright and director Ken Campbell, is picking up where her father left off and adapting Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger to the stage. The play is being produced in Liverpool, and they're currently in development and getting crowdfunding capering help from the likes of Douglas Rushkoff, Nina Conti and Monkey, and Coldcut.


But the big get may be Alan Moore. His Shagginess will be providing the voice for the supercomputer FUCKUP, which predicts Armageddon using the I Ching (once voiced by Sir John Gielgud back when Ken Campbell staged his nine-hour adaptation of Illuminatus!). In the video below Daisy explains that writer John Higgs introduced her to Alan Moore, who "held forth for five and a half hours without pausing for breath," and they captured some of that on video.

Moore is all for adapting the philosophical tome to the stage:

I think that it is well beyond time that we took the safety off and started to think about pulling the Cosmic Trigger. A clean head shot is generally best.


The video below is the teaser: those who donate to the crowdfunding capering will get an extended 50 minute video excerpt of Moore dropping science about Robert Anton Wilson, Ken Campbell, occultism, Illuminatus! and Cosmic Trigger, among at least 23 other things.

In any case, it'll be worth keeping an eye on.

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