Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Eye-catching headline out of the way, let me talk about this game.

Illustration for article titled ALAN WAKE IS SUPER CHEAP RIGHT NOW, GO AND BUY IT

I picked up this game earlier this year (maybe even earlier) on a whim. I knew the game involved flashlights, and that's really it. I found the collector's edition at EB Games for $20, so being the collector I am, I grabbed it.

Now, as a preface to the kind of gamer I am, I usually have something on while I'm gaming (like a movie, show, or music) and put subtitles on the game. Now and then something comes along that makes me want to pay attention. In most cases, it's a game that has no subtitles for some reason, but in this case it was a story that just drew me in.

The game has this really creepy vibe to it, something like Stephen King lite. It's not a very scary one, but it is a thriller, and it's pretty captivating. I would talk about the plot more, but I like people being as unspoiled as possible.

Anyways, the TL;DR, it's currently $5 on Xbox Games on Demand, or you can pay what you want, get the second game in the series (also heavily discounted on Xbox), lots of special features like the soundtracks (I actually paid for this hoping to get the full soundtrack since it's pretty great, the physical edition I got came with some songs, but not all), making of and such as a Humble Bundle. I chose to put my $5 fully towards Remedy since I bought my copy used, I wish I could actually match the full price I paid.

I guess since I need an extra TL;DR, BUY THIS AWESOME GAME NOW.

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