I rarely ask for specific gifts that I want for Christmas, making me a fairly difficult and annoying person to buy for.* This year I'm actually trying to be more specific in my requests, though thoughtful in them. One of them I asked for my mother to buy, and she said that she'd already gotten me everything that I was getting for Christmas. However, she'd wrap it up for me if I wanted to buy it for myself.

So. I did.

All of this is leading to my question of you, Odeck. If you were to buy a Christmas present, or what winter/summer holiday you celebrate that includes present (including 'I just want presents day' that I just made up), what would you buy yourself^?

In this case, what I ended up buying was the Penguin Book of Witches. I had been interested in it from the moment io9 posted about it and had looked to buy it in person. After a month of being unsuccessful, I finally asked for it for Christmas. And then bought it for myself when I was informed that it would be no-go. It may be a small gift, but it's one I'm pretty excited about!




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*To be fair the few times I have asked for something I tended to not get it. Like when I asked for a signed Terry Pratchett book from a friend and instead they just gave me an amazon gift certificate worth way more than the book would've been. Yes, even with shipping/handling from England. Which was really, really nice of them. But I totally went into the bathroom and cried. Because I had really thought they were going to get me that book.

^If you ask for a real life death star or something insane like that, we're all going to probably laugh at you.