Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

All the science fiction stuff that doesn't win you a Eurovision Song contest:

Cloning yourself. Sorry, Russia.

The “Honey I shrunk your performers” tactics from Denmark.


“Borrowing” Tony Stark’s robots to make you a new heart.

Getting high (into space) while channelling Mozart’s Queen of the night. Thanks for coming, Australia. We know it was a long flight from your home planet.


Beyond Thunderdome, Island Edition.


What does win, when the votes are split between one of the juries’ favourite - a heavy handed Mee Too ballade from Macedonia - and the audiences’ favourite (and mine) - a very entertaining but less “important” ethnic Norse dance number from Norway is the path of least resistance from the Netherlands. Not very memorable or special, but mostly harmless.

Congrats, Holland.

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