Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

have me thinking about what/who I would like to dress up as for this year's Fan Expo.

Last year I was Pam (which as a fat blonde meant I was cosplaying at the 'easy' level. Go me!).

Just this weekend I became a redhead again so now I need new ideas. What is a relatively simple costume for redheads? Black Widow? Ariel? Poison Ivy?


Actually, Poison Ivy could be doable... lemme think...

Green dress/bathing suit, glue leaves on to it, green tights, movie-star-ify my hair, intense makeup...

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Huh. I think I just got my cosplay idea!

But maybe do a little twist?

Maybe steampunk?

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A lot of people do steampunk versions (which, truth be told, I really enjoy. I really like the steampunk aesthetic).

Hmmm I shall have to investigate further.

Thanks for the help, ODeck! (aka letting me talk)

(Although if you have any more ideas that would be greatly appreciated)

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