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All Things Android: Rough Friday Edition

First off, apologies for not doing one of these last week. Last week was insane. I had several hard drives in desktops here at work just up and die and so I had to get to restoring things and getting everyone up and running and it was just hectic and I’m sorry. That said I’ve got some little tidbits worth sharing this time around so let’s get to getting!

But fair warning to all, this post is gonna be relatively short as it’s another crazy day at the office and there hasn’t been much in the way of important news that is really worth sharing with all of you. Just little tidbits of interest here and there although one is pretty damn interesting.

npBrowser, what’s going on with you?

I previous wrote about npBrowser aka CAF Chromium Browser and I mentioned what was good about it: Qualcomm optimized, night mode, built in ad-blocking, etc.


Overall there was little not to like about the browser. In fact it was made even better when the developer finally got the app into the Play Store after numerous attempts to do so.

Well, there’s been some developments regarding the browser and at present I have to say I feel like people who may have installed it should seriously consider uninstalling it and using something else from someone else if they really did like it.

The story unfolds as follows: reddit is reddit. Some of you know what I mean by this. Some of you might not. So for those new let me start by saying /r/Android is a subreddit dedicated to all things Android, it’s pretty neat and generally an informative subreddit. Of course “generally” implies that sometimes it’s less than informative and I’ve seen this first hand numerous times. Sometimes the subreddit gets something in its head and that’s that, it’s not letting go. Such is the case with npBrowser. People wanted to see the source code behind it and adamant that since it wasn’t open source it shouldn’t be trusted and you know what? That’s fine, the subreddit does that all the time. However, this time it really seemed like they absolutely refused to drop it and so it went for roughly two weeks until the developer of said browser did an interview with a small Android site and things went insane from there. Eventually he came to his own defense in one post or another and people just started ragging on him about the app and source code and in their defense they made quite a few more than valid points. But then we get to the part where I personally thought, “Maybe they’re right.” The developer deleted his comments, deleted his account, and almost at the same time the app disappeared from the Play Store.

Now it’s fair to assume that he got tired of dealing with the BS and likely had a bunch of reviews bitching about the app and the source code and all that. But it’s also possible that there was something shady going on. I’m not saying there is but I’m a firm believer in better safe than sorry. So I say pass on the browser if you’re using it, use something else. To that end check out this link here, basically the same browser but from a developer people trust and also rather awesomely it’s more up to date than npBrowser or RSBrowser or rsBrowser or any of the CAF Chromium variants out there. So be sure to check back regularly and update accordingly via the latest apk on there.


Play Store promo codes are now a thing!


Until recently developers had to implement their own way of allowing users to redeem promo codes, namely by doing so in-app. However, as of this past week Google has made it so developers can create promo codes which are then redeemable via the Play Store without having to come up with some workaround or another.

I’ve managed to snag two such promo codes the past few days, one for a new alarm clock app (Wake Up Alarm) that I can’t just snooze and ignore and then wake up late because of said snoozing that you can set to make you play a mini game to help wake you up every morning and a new weather app called Weather Line.


This is all pretty neat and plenty of developers are slowly but surely releasing promo codes for their apps because of it. If you follow me on Twitter keep your eyes out and I’ll be sure to mention anytime developers put out promo codes, they tend to go fast so you have to be quick about redeeming any such codes.twe

That’s all for today.

Like I said this is short one and not just cause I’m ducking out early. Anyway I’ll have a much lengthier post come next week, I’m looking to upgrade phones here pretty soon and that means I’ve been doing tons of research which means it’s time for the one of those rare “best smartphones you can buy right now” post.


And apologies for the relatively short post yet again. They will happen occasionally.

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