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All who challenge me will burn, in the fires of MY Hatred!

Sick burns, Pandaren doing Shoryukens and Sha goop explosions abound - It's time for Alliance and Horde alike to lay the smackdown on Warchief Hellscream.

Holy cow, Blizzard remembered how to make a good patch trailer again. I don't really like Taran Zhu in-game, as he's kind of a jerk all the time, but he got some good stuff here (Your father dabbled in powers beyond reckoning - where is he now? - AWW SNAP! A burn so harsh Garrosh surely has some sort of debuff applied now). And then there's this:





Shoryuken? More like Shor-Zhu-ken. As hypocritical as he is all the time, I hope this isn't the end of the Shado-Pan's illustrious leader.

But eff yeah, hype levels through the roof. Save the date, Garrosh - I look forward to planting a few arrows in your thick skull in a few weeks.

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