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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Almost Perfect

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It is an end of an era! Well the Warehouse 13 and Eureka shared universe era. I am going to miss those shows but I think they ran their course. I really liked last night's finale for Warehouse 13. For the most part.


The quick glimpses we get at the past this episode was amazing and perfect for the finale! I thought it was going to be a clip show for a minute. It was great to see HG again though her naive patriotism, while funny, seems strange for such a futuristic visionary. My favorite ever might be the Showgirls scene. Dance running away was just amazing.

My problems

  1. "I think that Nicole used to be a man". Really show? You are going to take us out with a transmisogynistic joke? Syfy you can't try to be LGBT friendly by having LGB characters and then kicking the T. Also a queer girl named Nicole was butt of the transmisogynistic joke? Are you attacking me personally show? Okay I know you aren't but still.
  2. "Actually HG broke up with him." I really don't care for Myka and Pete hooking up. They always seemed like platonic BFFs and the "you are secretly in love with each other" thing seemed forced this season. It was such a nice change of pace for TV. That being said I had come to accept that they were going to get paired. But then at the last minute you throw in a line that HG wasn't with that guy anymore? That was pretty much the only thing sinking the HG and Myka ship! You can't not have them get together after throwing that line in! Remove the line or give us Myka and HG flying off into space in a steampunk ship HG built to have adventures together that they write best selling novels about! Only options.

Claudia was kind of goofy trying to act like Mrs Fredericks, aloof and mysteriously all knowing, in that post-time skip scene. You maam are no Amanda Waller CCH Pounder. Still the episode captured all the feels and I am going to miss this goofy show.

Edit: I apparently missed the girlfriend line. Glad that was thrown in there at least!

Hey just a for the record thing... the line about Nate was added (along with the new GF line) because Jaime Murray fought to get it in. She thought Instinct was stupid and wanted it to make sure the show didn't end with HG still there. Her way of fixing Instinct. She also fought for the new GF line so it would end with HG being canonically queer (since some people said that the "Many lovers" line wasn't proof at all) So even though not with Myka like they'd like at least it was on screen Rep.

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