So I might be an American, but goddamnit do I love hockey. I don't care a lick for football or baseball or basketball, but you put on a hockey game and I'm gonna watch and cheer like a madman. I know, I'm a bad American. (And I'm definitely a bad Texan cause I straight up hate the Cowboys and the Spurs and the Longhorns. With a passion. I will cheer loudly every single time they fuck up. More so in bars and bars and grills and restaurants. That's right, entire buildings filled with fans of those teams and I'll talk shit. I am Insanity Wolf personified when it comes to my Texas teams hate.) But the other sports are sooooo boring to me.

Anyway, this is for you Canada.


And that includes going to church, as evidenced by this.

I got one more, because I'm sure it's what you're all thinking right now.


EDIT: I just found this awesome picture. Says all you really need to know about Canada.