Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Also - Congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio for coming in third!

At the Oer-Erkenschick (yes, that’s the actual name of at town) break-dance competition in 1984! Also - He really should have worn that top yesterday. Bare midriff is all the rage this year I heard!

The atmosphere was the bomb at the Break Dance Competition of the Stimmberg Newspaper. The first price, a walkman and a small trophy, was handed to Achim Schilling by the newspaper’s editor Jörg Wendland. Also pictured: the other participants. Udi Wölflehner received a trophy and a ball signed by players of [football club] Schalke 04, Leonardo Decaprio (sic!) can take a medal and a break-dance record with him over the Atlantic to his home-town of Los Angeles!


And in case you wonder - Leo’s grandmother still lives about an hour away from my place. :)

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