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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Since the mention of Sheriff Carter's actor Colin Ferguson dealing with vampires, the idea of an alternate Eureka where the supernatural instead of super science was the norm has been stuck in my head. So here are my ideas for Spooooky Eureka.



Following World War II and the fight against Hitler's supernatural forces, the United States government formed the secret town of Eureka where supernatural beings could live peacefully and research into magic and the paranormal could be conducted.

Deputy United States Marshal Jack Carter stumbles upon Eureka while transporting his daughter cross country and ends up as their sheriff. Despite not knowing a thing about the supernatural, his keen practical insights and foot in the normal world help keep the town safe from spells gone awry, rampaging monsters, and the undead.


Jack and Zoe of course would be the same for the most part.

Allison Carter: A brilliant witch, she acts as a liaison between the government and the locals.


Henry Deacon: A jack of all trades that wears many hats, Henry acts as the local necromancer, alchemist, and mad scientist.

Nathan Stark: A vampire in charge of the town. Likes to threaten to make Carter his Renfield but has come to like the human. A talented Demonologist.


Jo Lupo: A former soldier, Jo was moved to Eureka and made a deputy after she was bit by a werewolf while on a mission. She at first resents Carter for taking over as sheriff, something she sees as having been passed over for due to being a werewolf, but comes to respect him. Don't ask whether her anger issues are because she is a werewolf or if she was always like that.

Douglas Fargo: A gnome and assistant to Stark, he doesn't feel like his own work is appreciated. Often more concerned about not getting eaten though. Has a goblin rival named Isaac.


Sarah: A poltergeist of a dead woman, haunting the house she died in. She comes to accept Carter and Zoe moving into her house.

Taggart: The elusive Big Foot, moved to Eureka to get away from prying eyes. Works as a beast expert for the monsters and creatures of Eureka.


Beverly Barlowe: A local empath and psychic, she uses her powers to steal secrets and influence people.

Vincent: The owner of a local cafe, a talented wizard with a unique talent for the culinary arts, he boasts there is nothing you can order that he can't conjur.


Deputy Andy: A Frankenstein's monster type of creation, he makes a competent and friendly deputy, just keep fire away from him.

What do you think? Anything you would change or add?

Edit: Didn't expect a silly post like this to get mainpaged! Some people have pointed out this is like Haven but I have never seen that show. Was under impression that was more of a serious show while I want to keep the comedic charm of Eureka.

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