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Alternative to rec.arts.sf.science?

It's been a long time since I last visited Usenet (I'm not sure my ISP even has a newsgroup server anymore), but I've recently come to realize I miss one newsgroup in particular: rec.arts.sf.science.

Rasfs, for those of you who aren't familiar with it, was a group for people noodling scientific questions in a SF context. It was a meeting of the minds for science fiction writers (struggling and accomplished), scientists and the scientifically inclined to hash out answers to questions about the composition and mechanics of a hypothetical planetary system, alien biochemistry, the plausibility of certain scenarios, et cetera.


I say was because Usenet long ago became a wasteland of spam bots and right-wing conspiracy nutcases, precipitating a steady drop is legitimate on-topic use (even after Google made access and reporting posts easier via Google Groups). A quick check shows there hasn't been much activity in rasfs for months, and some of the most active threads were started years ago and just keep ticking along thanks to a new post every couple of months.

So I've come to you, O-deck, asking if you know of an alternative. Where could someone find a similar community these days?

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