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Am I Doing Binge-Watching Wrong?

Okay, for anyone who doesn't know what binge-watching is, basically it is watching about 4, 6, 8 episodes or even an entire season/series in one sitting. It is also something I struggle at doing for some reason.

I have never been able to binge-watch, at most I can watch about 2 or 3 episodes of a show at a time. Anymore and I find it hard to remember some of the episodes, I get muddled of when things happened and I seem to miss minor plot-points & lines, making me have to re-watch or read-up to remember what happened.

Usually, I like to watch a variety of things a night like on Friday, I watched two episodes of Korra, a few Teen Titans Go shorts, an episode of Arrow and and finally two episodes of Excel Saga. The problem is that this way of watching can leave me very behind on new series and can be very easily screwed over by spoilers like with Korra's finale when someone posted it here, spoilers in title to boot.


Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have advice to help with binge-watching? Does anyone else struggle in binge-watching series and seasons or am I weird like that?

Also off-topic but thank you for everyone who recommended me comedy anime a week ago, it was really useful and helpful (:

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