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AMA about Fashion, Sewing and Clothes: NOW CLOSED

Well, like the title reads, ask me whatever you want about the worlds of fashion, clothing and sewing.

A little bit about me: After finishing my design degree, I taught patternmaking and draping for about 6 years. After leaving academics, I realized that seasonal life in the hurly-burly of design really wasn’t where I needed to be.


Currently, I am focusing on more precious pieces and couture work. I am also working on developing findings (buttons, closures, etc.) and textile manipulation, like hand printing and embellishment.

At one point, I did make custom clothes for people, but got over that after making four wedding dresses in one year. I still get night sweats. *shivers*

I’m sure I left out a ton of other info, so just ask away in the comments. I can also field questions in millinery (hat making) and fabric dyeing, if you are interested.

Also, I can hold my own with Warehouse 13, Star Trek: TNG and Mystery Science Theater 3000 trivia.


Big, wet smooch kisses to Quasi for heading up this round of AMA’s, and a football-huddle group hug to the mods for letting it happen.

Ask away you glorious Deckers!

Oh, I’ll keep this open for most of the day for the non-Central Standard Time folks, but I’ll be shutting down around 3:30/4 ish for the weekend. But, if you ever have a question, feel free to add a comment even after today. I’d be happy to answer it.


And of course, the day of MY AMA, Kinja’s notifications are being a pain in the ass, so replies might be sluggish, but I’ll get there.

Nooooooow you can BRING IT ON!!!

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