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Welcome to a special edition of Ask Me Anything about NIN, Urban Fantasy, and Latinos. I am a lifelong Nine Inch Nails fanatic, even got the tattoo to prove it.

I read a lot of books, my favorite genre and genre I know like the back of my hand is Urban Fantasy. This is the genre you find next to the science fiction section in most bookstores, if not directly a part of it. I review some series for a friends website so some people like what I have to say on the topic.


Most importantly I am first generation Mexican American, who has lived both here in the United States and in Mexico. So I can field almost any question about Mexican Latinos. Got questions about our sometimes weird food or traditions. Why our Virgin Mary is brown? Or what our curse words mean? What the best tequila is? Bring em and I'll try to answer them as honestly and factually as I can.

I will run this AMA from 3 pm today till the next day, a full 24 hours, to give a chance for international odeckers to ask some questions. I obviously have no life :)

DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to use google fu if you stump me. Obviously the goal isn't to ask trivia questions, or questions you already know the answer too, but to get some more info on something you didn't know. However I understand I do not know everything and thats what google is for.

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