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AMA about paleontology and evolutionary biology – artiofab

Greetings from the world of yesterday!

I'll be on and off the Internets today and the rest of the weekend because I'm battling some viruses all up in my respiratory tract. Submit some questions about paleontology (the study of extinct life) and/or evolutionary biology (the study of why we have the diversity of life we had/have) and I'll answer them in what might be a reasonable period of time.


A bit of my background: I'm nearing the end of my PhD road after acquiring a BA and an MS in the 2000s. All three of my degrees have had a research component focused on some part of the anatomy of extinct animals that I studied at natural history museums. My MS and PhD are both going to say that I specialized in evolutionary biology because I have never gone to a school with a paleontology specialization: in North America such a specialization is fairly uncommon. My non-paleo colleagues for my last two degrees have worked on living animals and plants and they acquire a small guilt complex because they (almost always) have to kill their specimens. But I have no guilt because ...

Top image of the doorway for the Carnegie Museum's Big Bone Room courtesy of artiofab's camera. Bottom image of t-shirt detail courtesy of the t-shirt's website

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