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AMA About The Marines/Aviation- Captain Max NOW CLOSED

Hello everyone! Captain Max here. JINX is on assignment. Today I will be answering all of your questions about life in the United States Marine Corps and aviation maintenance. These are two subjects that I guess I am an expert in. I will be answering questions until around 5pm EST -ish.

I joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and served for twelve years. I achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant which is an E-6 for those of you keeping score at home. My Military Occupational Specialty was 6113, which translates to a CH-53 mechanic. Those are the helicopters pictured at the top. After I separated from the Marines I continued working in aviation as a contractor. I have been doing that for eight years now.


I wouldn't imagine that anyone here is interested in joining the Marine Corps, but you may have things that you are curious about. Maybe there are misconceptions that you want me to clear up. I can answer the top two questions that everyone usually asks me right now. I have never been to combat and I have never killed anyone.

I know I said that you can ask me anything, but I do have a few requests. First off, there are questions that I am not able to answer for security reasons. Secondly, some people want to put a comment on here about how horrible and unnecessary the military is. If you feel that way, more power to you. I won't dismiss any negative comments but I'm also not going to debate it. Deal? Here's a picture of me from back in the day as a reward.


ETA: Thanks everybody for the great questions! I've got to go out and do some things so I'm going to call this closed.

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