I think the first ODeck AMA went very well and I learned a few things.

First off, Quasi, you're right, the person answering the questions needs to be the one to start the post. If I didn't have the notifications, I would never have kept up with it. But, if an expert doesn't want to start the post, I'd be more than happy to start one for them and they can just trawl it and answer questions as time permits for them. If you are starting your own post, Please title it something like ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT (SUBJECT) – (SCREEN NAME) and tag it with #AMA and #Experts so we can find them later.

Also, Captain Max had a thought too. He wanted to bump the post for the evening crew, but I only had a little time during the day to field questions, so I was thinking…

Since there are plenty of people who want to answer questions, I thought we could do a couple on each Friday depending on the expert's time schedule. Maybe one during the morning and one later? Or just in the allotted time that the experts have?

There are going to be a lot of people who can and cannot deal with a set time and because I want to keep this as relaxed as possible, why don't we use my posted schedule as a rough outline and we can add or subtract answerers as needed?


Because this is all voluntary, don't be too upset if an expert bails on us at the last minute. Life has a way of creeping in when it's least expected.

So, on the roster for this Friday is Irae Nicole answering all of your trans-life questions before 2 o'clock-ish. Is there anyone who would like to run an afternoon session if it's convenient?

Oh also, when you no longer have any time to post questions, don't forget to close your post title with something like: NOW CLOSED THANK YOU! Or something like that. Since we can't stop people from replying, we can at least let them know that we are no longer taking questions.


On Thursdays, I will post a reminder about who is answering questions on Friday and what time they will have available.

Does that sound good?

Questions? Problems? Hysteria? Lemmie know in the comment section and I'll try to address your bitching and complaining issues. ;)