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AMA: Occupational Safety and Health or Environmental Issues – Mythbri

It's another installment of Drillpress' Ask Me Anything series (thanks for taking the time to organize this, Drillpress). I'm an expert in occupational safety and health, with experience in environmental compliance. Outside of the work I've done specifically for my employer, I have done a lot of independent research and study of occupational safety and environmental incidents. I've shared my perspective with the Observation Deck on some of these incidents before.

My knowledge of occupational safety and health regulations is limited to U.S. regulations, specifically OSHA's General Industry standards (fields like construction and mining are covered under different standards), but I would be happy to provide my opinion on best practices or principles of workplace safety. I also have a lot of experience writing safety and environmental policies for specific workplaces, and I have received training as a First Aid, CPR and AED instructor for the National Safety Council, as well as training in Radiation Safety and Laser Safety.


I do have to give one caveat about my answers here, however. My answers are not legal advice and should not be taken as such, nor should you make any decisions based on my answers – take the time to read and understand specific rules and regulations as they apply to you and your workplace. Talk to the person or people whose responsibility it is to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for you and your co-workers.

That being said, if I don't know the answer to your question, I will say so, and hopefully be able to point you toward some resources that will help you find the answer. I'll be taking questions for the rest of today and answering them when I can – I appreciate your patience with any delays, as well as your interest in a field that a lot of people don't typically think about.

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