Welcome everybody to my fitness and nutrition AMA. I'll be your guide today, dropping serious knowledge to help you drop pounds, add pounds, or maybe just help you live a little bit healthier.

I'm usually active from 8am until 8pm, but I check in on the weekends occasionally so if you miss that time frame don't fret: I will do my best to answer each and every question.

In case you're wondering, "Is this guy just some Dr. Oz quack shilling for Lipozene and/or Hydroxycut?" I can assure that I am no such quack. In fact, I'm not even a doctor (yet). My bonafides are as follows: Roughly 5 years ago I was tipping the scales at 290 pounds (+/- 5 pounds). And I really wasn't a handsome 290 either. Rather upset with the way I looked, the way I felt, and the way I was living I decided to make a change. In 2 months on the South Beach Diet, I lost 35 pounds. I was proud, but I wanted to keep going. I talked to a marine buddy of mine who helped me out with my nutrition, my workouts, and my life from that point forward. In 20 months, I lost 121 pounds reaching my lowest weight of 169 lbs.

Since that point, I've continued working out and eating healthy. Most of what I know about fitness and nutrition comes from personal experience. I have taken several nutrition courses and exercise physiology courses over the years, but I am no expert in those fields. I have taken what I've learned in the classroom, on the internet, and in the gym and put it to work for myself. I am my own guinea pig. From that, I've been able to separate fact from BS. I've been a personal trainer to over 20 people: I've helped people get ready for weddings, drop 15 pounds and tone up for beach season, and I've helped people change their life. So, go ahead and ask me anything.


1. I am a guy, but I am well-versed enough with women to help them out. Don't be shy!


2. I don't recommend fad diets to anyone. Don't ask about South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, etc. unless you want a one word answer (Spoiler Alert! The answer is 'no').

2a. That said, I will tell you why they aren't good for you.

****UPDATE**** Sorry if I don't respond to some of your followup questions right away. Kinja is being a bit funny and not letting me see your latest comments. So ThisGuy and elisethestrange, hang in there. I'm not ignoring you.