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OK Deckers, tomorrow we have two fantastic AMA's for your educational expansion: Quasi Hatrack will be here answering all of your algebra/geometry questions in the morning (and all day I think) and Mythbri will be here in the afternoon to handle all of your occupational health and safety questions!

I know I have a few that need to be answered!

And since I have your attention, I'd like to throw open the floor to those of you that have signed up to do the AMA's. I initially created the list based on one each Friday, but the morning/afternoon split seems to be working well, so I'm putting up the existing list and will ask those that have volunteered to tell me if you would like the AM or PM slot and those days that have either an AM or PM slot open, for people to fill it in with a request (First come first serve, just to be fair) Remember, you guys set the times so just let me know what you'd like. Also, if you want to switch your time/date, let me know and I'll do everything I can to make it happen.


Again, I know life keeps getting in the way of, well, life, so I want to make the schedule work for you all. Here are the initial experts scheduled so far.:

May 16 - BangIShotYou - Computer and Android system questions. He really knows his way around a hard drive. Ask him your system and security questions (AM).

May 23 - Dr Emilio Lizardo - Oncology. Have a pressing issue with cancer? The good doctor is here to answer your questions.

May 30 - ElsietheStrange - Veterinary questions specializing in cats and dogs (PM). Procrastinationathon Illustration and Art Galleries (AM)

June 6 - Faz.alam - Microbiology. Got a microscopic itch you can't scratch? Faz.alam is here to help (PM), A_Blackpanther with all your questions about Romania and fandom/fanfic. (AM)

June 13 - Zuludaddy - Sailing/Oceanography and Linguistics. Well, I think he wins for most non-sequitur topics covered, but dammit, I have a few dozen questions for him. Do you?

June 20 - Frank N Stein - German and Germany. Want to know how to say something in German. Ask away! Want to know about the country in general? Stein's your guy! (Frank, I suggest you get ready to translate a large group of swear words.) (US AM)

June 27 - Neisseria - Immunology. Want to know how our body fights diseases and allergies? I know I do! Ask away (PM).

July 4 - Artiofab - Evolutionary biology!

July 11 - TechNoir - Publishing and copyrighting. Want to know how the wheels of the publishing industry work? Ask away. Want to infringe some copyrights? Well shame on you! But ask anyway. (AM)

I've had a a lot of people want to be added to the list, so if you are new to it, give me your preferred times that aren't filled, in the comment section.

Any questions? Lemmie know in the comments.

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