Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Tomorrow morning we have the delightful Frank N Stein giving up all he knows about Germany and its corresponding language.

Then we have the super-chibi StellaStar here for all your Japanese language and culture questions!!


I have a slot open for a fresh meat new expert: August 1 (PM).

In the comments section, let me know if you can fill my open slot!

Here is the schedule so far:

June 27 - Zuludaddy - Sailing/Oceanography and Linguistics. (AM) Neisseria - Immunology. Want to know how our body fights diseases and allergies? I know I do! Ask away (PM).

July 4 - Artiofab - Paleontology and evolutionary biology! (PM) AND as a bonus, we have Serenada with all things Jamaica in the AM.

July 11 - OPEN (AM), Archnemesis Goldenhair - Sluggy Freelance and the working knowledge of Early Childhood Education (think 3yrs old and down) (PM)

July 18 - Duce - with all your beer, liquor and food questions! (AM). BehindDarkGlasses will be here to talk about HIV prevention and related information. (PM)

July 25 - LizTaylor'sEarrings - Canada, eh? and Nail Polish!! (AM) TechNoir - Publishing and copyrighting. Want to know how the wheels of the publishing industry work? Ask away. Want to infringe some copyrights? Well shame on you! But ask anyway. (PM)

August 1 - Ruthless, If You Let Me - International shipping/trade, via land/sea/air (AM). NaraDance fire performance/spinning (PM)

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