Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Tomorrow, we have a awesome array of amazing AMA's for your education awareness.

First up, Zuludaddy has is sights set on cruising your horizons while answering all of your sailing and linguistics questions.


Then in the afternoon, Neisseria will be here to help you through your immunology and stem cell questions.

I have a list of things I want to ask. How about you?

I have some open slots to fill for the future AMA's. See if you have what it takes to fill them! I'll take suggestions for any dates after August 1st. All positions are first come. first serve.


Here is the schedule so far:

June 27 - Zuludaddy - Sailing/Oceanography and Linguistics. (AM) Neisseria - Immunology. Want to know how our body fights diseases and allergies? I know I do! Ask away (PM).

July 4 - Artiofab - Paleontology and evolutionary biology! (PM) AND as a bonus, we have Serenada with all things Jamaica in the AM.

July 11 - RhymesWithOrange - Fitness and nutrition (AM), Archnemesis Goldenhair - Sluggy Freelance and the working knowledge of Early Childhood Education (think 3yrs old and down) (PM)

July 18 - Duce - with all your beer, liquor and food questions! (AM). BehindDarkGlasses will be here to talk about HIV prevention and related information. (PM)

July 25 - LizTaylor'sEarrings - Canada, eh? and Nail Polish!! (AM) TechNoir - Publishing and copyrighting. Want to know how the wheels of the publishing industry work? Ask away. Want to infringe some copyrights? Well shame on you! But ask anyway. (PM)

August 1 - Ruthless, If You Let Me - International shipping/trade, via land/sea/air (AM). NaraDance - fire performance/spinning (PM)


If you are interested in a position, shoot me an email: (screenname) 76 at gee male dhat cham. You can post a comment about wanting to do one, but send an email so I can coordinate the schedule.

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