Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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EDIT: Position filled! Thanks! But, here is the schedule so far. Some people still need to be added, but I haven't gotten a date from them yet:

June 6 - A_Blackpanther with all your questions about Romania and fandom/fanfic (AM). Faz.alam - Microbiology. Got a microscopic itch you can't scratch? Faz.alam is here to help (PM).

June 13 -

June 20 - Frank N Stein - German and Germany. Want to know how to say something in German. Ask away! Want to know about the country in general? Stein's your guy! (Frank, I suggest you get ready to translate a large group of swear words.) (US AM) StellaStar 42 - Japanese language and culture (PM).

June 27 - Zuludaddy - Sailing/Oceanography and Linguistics. Well, I think he wins for most non-sequitur topics covered, but dammit, I have a few dozen questions for him. Do you? (AM, with the caveat that he might be on the water and have fuzzy reception. I'll keep you posted.) Neisseria - Immunology. Want to know how our body fights diseases and allergies? I know I do! Ask away (PM).

July 4 - Artiofab - Evolutionary biology!

July 11 - TechNoir - Publishing and copyrighting. Want to know how the wheels of the publishing industry work? Ask away. Want to infringe some copyrights? Well shame on you! But ask anyway. (AM) Blaze Miskulin - Carpentry, Theatre tech, English usage, public speaking (PM).

July 18 - Duce - with all your beer, liquor and food questions! (AM). BehindDarkGlasses will be here to talk about HIV prevention and related information. (PM)


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