OK, all the necessary slots have been filled, so here is the schedule so far. I'll be adding dates past July 25th soon.

June 6 - A_Blackpanther with all your questions about Romania and fandom/fanfic (AM). Faz.alam - Microbiology. Got a microscopic itch you can't scratch? Faz.alam is here to help (PM).

June 13 - (TrickyDick) The world of drugs and security in the age of NSA (AM). Captain Max and JINX - Aviation repair and The Marines SEMPER FI!!! (PM)

June 20 - Frank N Stein - German and Germany. Want to know how to say something in German. Ask away! Want to know about the country in general? Stein's your guy! (Frank, I suggest you get ready to translate a large group of swear words.) (US AM) StellaStar 42 - Japanese language and culture (PM).

June 27 - Zuludaddy - Sailing/Oceanography and Linguistics. Well, I think he wins for most non-sequitur topics covered, but dammit, I have a few dozen questions for him. Do you? (AM, with the caveat that he might be on the water and have fuzzy reception. I'll keep you posted.) Neisseria - Immunology. Want to know how our body fights diseases and allergies? I know I do! Ask away (PM).

July 4 - Artiofab - Evolutionary biology! (There is only one here because this is an American holiday and Artiofab was kind enough to take the time to answer questions)

July 11 - Chrono - POKEMON!!! (AM) Blaze Miskulin - Carpentry, Theatre tech, English usage, public speaking (PM).

July 18 - Duce - with all your beer, liquor and food questions! (AM). BehindDarkGlasses will be here to talk about HIV prevention and related information. (PM)

July 25 - LizTaylor'sEarrings - Canada, eh? and Nail Polish!! (AM) TechNoir - Publishing and copyrighting. Want to know how the wheels of the publishing industry work? Ask away. Want to infringe some copyrights? Well shame on you! But ask anyway. (PM)

August 1 - Ruthless, If You Let Me - International shipping/trade, via land/sea/air? (Could cover some piratical things I guess, but this is boring compliance/paperwork type stuff.) (AM)

Any questions? Ask me in the comments section.