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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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AMA: Welcome To Gretnablue's Twisted Mind Of Fan Fiction & Original Stories

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Hello my friends and welcome to my ask me anything! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did looking up these old works and writing this piece. Today, I will be discussing my old fan fiction and original writing. Please feel free to ask me anything about screen writing, my stories or anything else (as long as it isn’t offensive or deeply personal).


Fan Fiction

You can probably tell from me making this a subject that I love writing fan fiction. I write fan fiction for two main reasons. The first one is that I find it a good writing challenge and a great way to test my own writing abilities. For example, I’ve said elsewhere that being able to adapt to canon and being able to make great stories that don’t invalidate previous works is the sign of a great writer as it shows off your creativity, as well as your willingness to respect the past while also expanding the story.


The second and the most important reason is that I do it because I love the works and want to explore and expand on the characters I care so much about.

Here is a list of a few of them:


The very first fan fic I wrote (or at least the ones I can remember) were about the Cassandra Cain Batgirl whom like I’ve said a few times now on O’Deck, is my favourite superhero ever. These were done around 2001-2003 when is about 7-10 years old and were handwritten which, if you know anything about my handwriting, they were hardly readable to anyone except for myself.


Early Transformers G1 comics

Another early fan fiction I wrote were based on the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon when I was 11-12 called Transformers: The Lost Episodes. This was around the time metrodome DVDs were coming out and my parents were buying them for me. There was 13 stories in all and they were set during the gap between season 2 and the movie.


Star Trek Fantasy

As the title suggests, this was a Fantasy version of Star Trek that took place on a Super Earth 4 times the size of our own. Given that Star Trek already has magic (aka, nearly all technobable), stereotypical fantasy like races and demons & gods, it isn’t much of a stretch. It took place during a civil war within the Vulcan Oligarchy, where a group was trying to split and embrace emotions (if you know anything about Star Trek then you know what these people were).


Pokemon Amethyst

This was a story about Cynthia, who if you don’t know, in the games is the champion of the Sinnoh region and the most powerful NPC in the series. This was a prequel story that was about her first quest to become a Pokemon master. The story was massive and had over 48 episodes worth of scripts.


That... Story

When I was about 17, I wrote... Oh god, I don’t want to admit it... I wrote... a slash fic. I regret it and feel dirty doing it, but I did it and what was worse… It was that it was a self-insert slash fic.


Movie Adaptations

I have done several movie versions of my favourite series like for example SoulCalibur, the DC universe and Street Fighter (all for animated films of course). I feel that anything can be adapted to anything if done well and given enough love & compassion. This is true for my next one...


Dragon Ball Ultimate

This is an adaptation of the original Dragon Ball and this one is special for me. It is one of my life long dreams to make this film into a reality. That one day, I can make a Dragon Ball film that westerners can be proud of and hopefully sweep away any last embers of Evolution away. I will make this script (which is on its 8th Draft) in some shape or form, I guarantee it.


Original Writing

Of course, I love doing my own original works also. My favourite genre is fantasy and that is reflected in my writing. Here are a few of them:


Songline was an attempt to subvert genre tropes. I had made a list of classic fantasy tropes like elves, British people and orcs that I wouldn’t use. As such, this was a script about Australian Aboriginal Mythology and was a script that I was really proud of.


Hard Fantasy

That wasn’t the real title, I never came up with a title for the screenplay. It was an attempt in making a fantasy version of a hard sci-fi novel, trying to be as realistic as possible, with realistic Goblins, Elves and Dwarves.



This was the one I had made for my final project for University. It was a post-apocalyptic tale about people trying to survive the war of the gods and make it to the new world that comes after.



This is my current project. It is my very first comic I’ve ever written. I have talked about this before but it is about the anti-hero Aurois, a transgender woman from Glasgow who gains powers from solar flares.

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