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Something I notice on any verses threads on sites like CBR or manga/comic forums is a large amount of them are DC characters fighting Shonen Jump characters (one variation in particular is extremely popular). With all the comic news at the moment, I think we can do with some little verses battles. Also it’s All Saints Day, one of the dullest holidays ever created, I think we need some fun. So for a one-time event (possibly), we’re bringing back the amalgam universe for DC. Vs Shonen Jump (no refunds)!

Round 1: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) vs. Arale


Green Lantern: Space cop, can construct anything, flight and a mass murderer.

Arale: Super Strength, Super flight, incredibly durable but lacks common sense.

Round 2: Nightwing vs. Himura Kenshin

Nightwing: Trained by Batman, former head of the Titans, martial artist and acrobat.

Himura Kenshin: Master swordsman, stealth and combat.

Round 3: Wonder Woman vs. Android 18


Wonder Woman: Warrior, Super Strength, flight, Commander and can drink a gallon of Absinthe and still be able to yell for a second.

Android 18: Super strength, flight, master artist, energy power and was able to live with Muten Roshi for years and manage not kill him.


Round 4: Flash (Barry Allen) vs. Monkey D. Luffy


Flash: Super speed, reflexes and can time travel by accident.

Luffy: Super stretch, super strength, super luck and captain of the straw hats

Round 5: Joker vs. Dark Yugi


Joker: Sadistic, torturer, murderer and has a thing for cards.

Dark Yugi: Sadistic, torturer, murderer and has a thing for cards… wait.

Round 6: Batman vs. Naruto


Batman: Master detective, martial artist, genius and has a bat fetish.

Naruto: Ninja, martial artist, transformation and has a fox fetish.

Round 7: Power Girl vs. Vegeta


Power Girl:

Vegeta: Super ego,

Round 8: Oracle vs. L


Oracle: former superhero, genius, master hacker and detective.

L: Master Detective, manipulator, genius and master of food.

Round 9: Darkseid vs. Ichigo Kurosaki


Darkseid: A God, immortal and super strength.

Ichigo Kurosaki: A soul reaper, expert in combat, spirt power and advanced speed, reflexes and durability.


Round 10: Superman vs. Goku


You knew this was going to be the last.
Superman: Super strength, super speed, intelligence, super hearing, super hearing, ice breath, lazer vision, snoop and super flight.

Goku: Transformation, super energy abilities, master martial artist, super strength, super flight, super speed, super hearing, super taste, super reflexes and master hair dye.


Add your own (:

Update: I've added more because of complaints about the amount of Akira's character in this


Round 11: Lobo vs. Kenshiro


Lobo: Heightened scene of smell, super strength and strong durability & healing abilities.

Kenshiro: Super strength, martial artist and assassin.

Round 12: Captain Marvel vs. Yusuke Urameshi


Captain Marvel: Lightning powers, super strength, flight and genius.

Yusuke Urameshi: Energy powers, super strength, durability and martial arts.

Round 13: Deathstroke vs. Sasuke Uchiha


Deathstroke: Assassin, ninja, stealth, weapons master, super reflexes and super strength

Sasuke Uchiha: demonic powers, ninja, stealth and powers.

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