Well, my first convention is over now, and I had a blast! Photo dump incoming.

I got to see a panel with Jim Lee drawing. Here he is drawing Batman, with a quick sketch of Superman. Very cool!

A Joker and Harley.


Here I am getting Batman #21 signed by Greg Capullo. Spoilers: That's what I look like. I don't like posting pictures of myself, so enjoy it (or run away in horror) while you can.

And here's Greg Capullo choking me to death. I had no idea he was so ripped. Seriously, he has like a bodybuilder physique.


On day 2 I threw on my crappy store-bought Batman costume from last Halloween for a few hours. Here I am posing with a Riddler. His costume was actually the correct color but it came out very, like, teal, in this picture for some reason. Weird.


A couple of really good Ezios.

Nick Fury.


Unfortunately this one was pretty blurry and I didn't realize until after the fact, but this was one of the best costumes of the whole Con, New-52 Joker and Harley. His mask (face) actually looked like it was stapled on, it was really cool.

And holy crap did this guy look like the real deal. Seriously, he even had the mannerisms of Heath Ledger's Joker DOWN.

So there's a bunch of pictures. If I come across any more good ones, I'll edit them in, but I think that's most the ones that came out at all well. It was a lot of fun, and it sounds like it was a lot more successful than the people running it were expecting (which led to some organization issues, but oh well).