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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Amazing Spider-Man 2 just gave me a headache

Spoilers and junk.

Anyway, saw the movie with my brother today, and my gawd was this movie a pain.
Look, if you like the movie, fine. I am not going to take away something you enjoy.

So, let's start off by saying that this movie had a shit ton of dialogue that was not really needed. Harry talking to Pete, Gwen talking to Pete, and so on and so forth without actually going anywhere. Good dialogue moves the plot along, this was just padding for time. Plus, it cut out great moments that could have been given to the other villians!

This is my next problem, the villians.....there is only Electro.
You see him as normal guy, turned baddie, and then defeated, and I loved those parts.You see the proccess of the guy becoming Electro, and for a good reason.
There are some parts that made me go "How is he making that suit do the Shadow Cat trick?"and "This is some Spider-Man Sandman Bullshit right here", but the other parts were fine enough to like him, and the give that last battle a good feel.
Rhino and Goblin are not really in this film, they are cameos.
They don't have really enough time to flesh out the characters, fully develop them, and make them heavier than they should be.....So fuck you Sony for that probable Sinister Six film taking care of that....Screw you!!!!

My final big problem is that last scene with the kid. I don't blame the kid, I blame the writters and director for this stupid hammy camptacular.
When I saw Iron Man 2 pull that same scene, it made sorta fucking sense, and sorta worked.
When the New Yorkers in Spider-Man 2 went against Doc Ock, it worked cause it was a crowd against one fat guy with tentacles which they could try to stop.
This scene was so bad....Lordy, lordy,LORD! Was it so bad.
There were billions of other ways in which you could have used the kid to face the Rhino, and just doing a Theme Park Attraction moment was the worst thing they could have done....other than killing him. Hell, they could have just let Rhino destroy some of the block were the kid lived, he goes down in his Spider-Man costume, and the Rhino laughs before charging at him, then Spidey picks him up and probably says "Nice work trying to stop him, but leave it to me" or a line that goes with that first scene.

There are other things that bothered me, but those are my three main problems....Oh wait, the people of New York not running away from a guy who freraking shoots lightning and get to a safer area than just 20 feet away from him while he fights Spider-Man! Are these some of the most dumb and campy people out there?

Woah, okay. I had my fill for now. I just really hope that Doc Ock isn't sometype of criminal mad scientist idiot.


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