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Amazing Spider-Man #4 Picks Up The Pace Like Crazy [Spoilers]

Pacing out events in comic books is tricky. Days or even weeks can pass in the span of 22 pages. Or, in the case of Amazing Spider-Man #4... about 22 minutes. (Spoilers follow.)

When we last left ol' webhead, he was re-commiting the full force of his business to capturing, detaining, and de-powering supervillains. A noble calling, and one that Parker is eminently qualified for. Day one of actual work on the project is interrupted by an all-call from the Avengers. Parker excuses himself and thwips off in the boldest move I've seen in comic books in ages: actual established continuity between two titles.


Holy hell, Spidey webs his way over to the events of Original Sin #2. They're happening concurrently. Why the hell can't any of the other titles pull this off? I mean, I get that the Avengers and the FF et al have to be in a minimum of three places at once, at all times (six for Wolverine), but this is just so damn refreshing. Action, consequence, result.

To wit, Parker gets an info-dump-ex-machina that fills him in about Cindy Moon, the other person bitten by the irradiated spider that gave Parker his powers. Her backstory, her current location, even the combination on her hermetically sealed vault. (I'd complain about how stinking convenient this is, but given there's no earthly way he'd ever cross paths with her otherwise, I'm willing to give it a wash.)

He wastes no time thwipping to the rescue, where he smashes a pre-recorded greeting from his old 'pal' Ezekiel, and lets Cindy out.


She's... less than thrilled to see him. Cindy's #1 concern is Morlun, who she's been told her entire adult life can sniff her out in a heartbeat and kill her.

On the one hand, this is a strong nod to continuity— Ezekiel's plan was at one point to protect Spidey from Morlun, who feasted on super-types with animal totems as the source of their powers. Cindy fits neatly in that same bullseye. On the other, it's a massive stretch to show that the second the seal is broken on Cindy's vault, Morlun instantly knows of her existence and decides to come calling.


Smells don't work that way. Neither did Morlun's powers, originally. The vault was to keep Morlun from finding Spidey remotely, or getting his hands on him. Unless Morlun's made contact with Cindy before, he shouldn't have any idea she exists yet. So... a month from now I'll probably be eating humble pie.

Spidey and Cindy's first rumble shows that her spider-sense reflexes vastly outstrip Parker's. He calls her moves "Matrix/Bullet-Time good!" Likewise, Cindy's got organic webbing coming out of her fingertips, and she's significantly faster than Pete, as well.


On the B-Plot side of things, at Parker Industries, Sajani has lost all patience with Peter's constant disappearing act— which is 100% fair. He's her business partner, they're running a massive startup, and he's proving for the umpteenth time in his adult career that in a pinch, Peter Parker is completely unreliable. Sajani sounds like she's flat-out quitting. This cannot end well... especially since Black Cat shows up to continue her vendetta against Spider-Man. *Gulp.*


One thing I like about this new saga in Pete's life is the attention being paid to multiple threads at once. Events keep running on the page, even when Parker's not there to see them. That's important, especially in a comic with this big of a supporting cast. Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, and Edgar Delgado are still producing a fantastic, vibrant comic that's fun to read. I hope they keep it up.


Returning to the A-Plot; Spidey fills Cindy in on how Morlun died. Twice. She smacks him and calls him an idiot, on the logic that if he's come back from the dead before, he can do it again. Any time. Given that her solitary confinement was meant to prevent Morlun finding her, Spidey's impulsive rescue just rendered all that time alone completely moot. She's furious, and Spidey is cracking jokes (like he does). Their game of Spider-Tag continues to heat up, until...


I, for one, did not see this coming. I mean, Parker can tell that his Spider-Sense is going haywire, drawing him toward something rather than away from danger, which is likely a first. The fact that he's being drawn to Cindy? ... I'm at a loss. He's single, she's certainly single. They've known each other for about... ten minutes... so I guess small talk's out of the way.

I have no clue where this is going. I'm sure Anna's not going to appreciate seeing the face she fell in love with, kissing someone else. I doubt it'll be long before Morlun returns to New York. Will the newly monikered Silk get her own web-spinoff? I have no idea.


What I do know is that this issue is in good company. Spider-Man's gotten a transfusion from his writer and his artists; he's facing new problems, meeting new people, and squaring off with old foes who've learned new tricks. I love it.

What do you think?

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