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Amazing Spider-Man #7 Gets Edged Out By Spider-Verse

I've thoroughly enjoyed Dan Slott's run on Amazing Spider-Man. My only complaint about issue seven is that there isn't more of it. Eight of the comic's twenty pages are taken up by Edge of Spider-Verse: Web of Fear. I get what Marvel's doing, promoting a new series. I just don't care.

Edge of Spider-Verse doesn't grab me, likely because it's not interacting with anyone from our version of the Marvel 'verse. A version of Morlun attacks and kills a version of Spider-Man. It's entirely inconsequential, though. We'll never visit this 'verse again. Maybe that Spidey was a jerk. Who knows? More importantly, who cares?


Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is taking care of chores (like refilling his web-shooters)… when he's not making goo goo eyes at Cindy. These two have crazy levels of chemistry. They can't go ten minutes without trying to climb each other like scratching posts. Anna Maria's solution is perfect.

"Act like dogs in heat and I"ll treat you as such." Anna Maria, far and away, is my favorite addition to Spidey's cast of comrades. She's smart, trustworthy, and has something Pete lacks: common sense. His over-developed sense of responsibility is creating problems for him at work. As CEO, he kinda needs to show up and do his job.

Anna's the only person qualified to be giving Pete this kind of advice. She's the only person that a) knows all his secrets, b) can put their personal history behind her, and c) knows his business as well as he does. With one of Otto Octavius' Spider-Drones, she demonstrates that while there are emergencies happening all over New York pretty much 24 / 7, the city already has people qualified to handle 'em. People that get paid to do it.


Her point is kind of undermined when a call goes out for assistance with a super-powered criminal. Spidey's already out the window.


I can only imagine what fun Giuseppe Caumcoli gets to have, drawing Spider-Man. He completely captures Spidey's unique body language. It's perfectly matched with Slott's 'voice' for Parker. Just terrific stuff going on. Too bad it has to be cut in half by Edge of Spider-Verse.

In New Jersey, we meet Dr. Minerva: a shape-shifting Kree disguising herself as Ms. Marvel. She makes off with… well. We'll get to that.


Kamala Khan gets a ping from a Ms Marvel fan page, alerting her to the theft. Kamala's got similar problems to Pete, being unable to focus on real-life priorities in exchange for Super Stuff. Also, someone should probably tell her it's a bad idea to change into your costume in broad daylight. On the street. Outside your school.

Anyway. She catches up to the super-fraud, and discovers her payload:


A cocoon, holding someone who came into contact with the Terrigen mists, the same gas that gave Kamala her powers. Congratulations, doc! You've just made it personal.

It may seem effortless, but giving Ms. Marvel two personal stakes in the case is a phenomenal bit of writing. The more she cares, the more I care.


The alien punches Kamala into the air, where she's caught by Spider-Man. She proceeds to geek out. It's… grand.

The doctor is good enough to explain her plot: steal the terrigen-affected human while he/she is still 'cooking', and harvest their malleable DNA to make Kree Super Soldiers. Step three, profit!


She seems to have read her supervillain handbook, as she takes the opportunity to transform into a giant, winged monster. She's not just the president of the Kree super soldier program, she's also a client!


Yipes. So that's happening, now. Too bad we can't see more action this issue, but well. Spider-Verse.

It's worth mentioning that one of her henchmen has… history with Spider-Man. Not just history, mind you. Dramatic ellipsis history. We'll be seeing more of him soon, I imagine.


Anyway. So that's The Amazing Spider-Man #7. Dan Slott continues to knock it out of the park, with writing assistance from Christos Gage. There are reasons The Amazing Spider-Man is one of my favorite comics, and six of those reasons are on the bottom of the sampled page here. Talk about great Marvel Team-Ups!

So go pick it up! Let's see what happens next!

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